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In 2018, University of Veterinary Science (UVS) launched the Department of International Relations and IT with the aim to implement international relations and to conduct cooperative activities and academic exchanges with international institutions

Academic Exchange Agreements

UVS has concluded academic exchange agreements with research institutions and foreign universities to establish veterinary education and human resource development.

No.CountryInstitution NameConcluded
1JapanGraduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University10/2013
2JapanRakuno Gakuen University10/2013
3KoreaCollege of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University11/2013
4JapanMiyazaki University1/2014
5ThailandFaculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University4/2014
6UKSPANA (The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad)6/2015
7KoreaCheonan Yonam College2/2016
8ThailandMaejo University2017
9JapanKagoshima University12/2018
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Dr. Hlaing Min Oo

Dr. Hlaing Min Oo

Director and Head
U Zaw Lin Htaik

U Zaw Lin Htaik

Office Staff